Film presentation: Radetzkymarsch

The much acclaimed prize-winning TV adaptation of the novel of the same name by Joseph Roth portrays the rise and fall of the von Trotta family over three generations and also the heyday and decline of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The story starts in 1859, when the officer Joseph Trotta saves the life of Emperor Franz Joseph I during the Battle of Solferino, for which he is ennobled and immortalized in school textbooks as the ‘hero of Solferino.’

Baron Franz von Trotta, son of the ‘hero’ and the respected mayor of a community in Moravia, would like his son Carl Joseph to follow in his footsteps as a career officer. Against his nature, the son does this so as to fulfill his duty to his family and fatherland.
The character Carl Joseph typifies the decline of the Danube Monarchy and the von Trotta family. The history of both ends with World War I. The Empire disappears and the young officer is  killed during an insignificant skirmish while attempting to obtain water for his thirsty men.

With Max von Sydow, Claude Rich, Tilman Günther, Charlotte Rampling
Directors: Axel Corti, Gernot Roll
Length: 255 minutes


Free admission from 6.45 p.m.