“Trotz allem … Aron Menzcer und die Jugendalijah”

Book presentation

All Jewish organizations in Austria were disbanded and only a few, such as the IKG (Jewish Community) and youth movements, were allowed to remain in existence, combined in the newly created Youth Aliyah.They were supervised by Adolf Eichmann, whose aim it was to expel its members and force them to emigrate.
Many leading figures in Jewish life fled from Austria, but one remained. Aron Menczer took over as principal of the Youth Aliyah school at the age of just twenty-one to become the most important representative of young Jews in Vienna from the outbreak of World War II until he was killed in 1943.
In spite of his enormous services to the community, it was not until 1993 that he became known to the general public through an exhibition at the Jewish Museum Vienna on the initiative of one of his former charges, Martin Vogel.
The exhibition was accompanied by a catalog devoted to Menczer’s work. The original publication, “Trotz allem ... Aron Menczer 1917–1943,” has long been out of print. A revised edition with new texts and photographs is now being published.

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