“Werner Richard Heymann” - A matinee with Elisabeth Trautwein-Heymann

Werner Richard Heymann (1896–1961) – “Ein Freund, ein guter Freund,” “Das gibt’s nur einmal” – was the most successful German film composer before 1933. His daughter Elisabeth Trautwein-Heymann will provide insights into his life and works from his childhood in Königsberg [Kaliningrad] through the 1920s, exile in Paris and Hollywood, to the post-war years in Munich and Salzburg. His artistic career ranged from serious music and literary cabaret chansons to film, where he was musical director of UFA during the silent movie era. In 1929 he introduced a new musical form, the movie operetta, with films such as “Die drei von der Tankstelle” and “Der Kongress tanzt.”
In Hollywood he wrote music for over fifty films, with six by Ernst Lubitsch (including “Ninochka” and “To Be Or Not To Be”) and was nominated four times for an Oscar.

An event in connection with the exhibition “All Meshugge? Jewish Wit and Humor.”

Free admission