Chaverim Chasak! Centennial of the Hashomer Hatzair Jewish Youth Movement

This has been the motto of the Jewish youth movement Hashomer Hatzair (The Young Guards) throughout the hundred years of its existence. It was founded in Galicia in 1913 and even managed to survive the tragedy of the Shoah. The heroic role played by members of this movement in rebelling against the Nazi regime, culminating in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, has marked dozens of generations of shomrim [members] of Hashomer Hatzair in their search for a Jewish identity.
In their efforts to achieve the socialist and Zionist ideal they became pioneers in the land of Israel. The Hashomer Hatzair was not only founded officially in Vienna but has also played an active part in shaping Jewish life here since 1945.

Curator: Dan Fischman
Exhibition design: Bernhard Denkinger


(Members of the Haschomer Hatzair and Gordonia, © Sammlung IKG, Inv.Nr. 12896)