“Jewish Geniuses”—Warhol’s Jews

In 1980 Andy Warhol created a series of portraits of important Jewish personalities of the twentieth century. The idea came from Warhol's friend and gallerist Ronald Feldman, who inspired Andy Warhol to investigate the Jewish intellectual realm. From a list of nearly 100 names of famous Jews, ten were chosen. Ten Jews who were not only prominent, but the greatest thinkers, leaders and creative talents of the twentieth century. Even if the portraits were dismissed as superficial, the work made sure that many people reflected on the history and achievements of the people portrayed.

The Jewish Museum Vienna explores the background to this fascinating work. The exhibition presents the inspiration for the series, Ronald Feldman, whose family came from Graz, and it is enriched by a Warhol portrait of an Austrian genius: André Heller.

Curators: Danielle Spera, Astrid Peterle
Design: Bernhard Denkinger Graphic
Design: Fuhrer, Wien

This exhibition is currently available. Please refer to the details and the loan conditions the exhibition folder.

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