Vienna Today 2012. Photographs of Contemporary Jewish Life by Josef Polleross

Harry Weber’s photo-book “Heute in Wien” appeared in 1996 alongside an exhibition of the same name at the Jewish Museum Vienna. The impressive black-and-white photos made history. Sixteen years later the Viennese photographer Josef Polleross has followed the traces of Harry Weber to provide a photographic record of life in the Jewish community today, particularly in Vienna’s 2nd district Leopoldstadt.

Polleross’ pictures are a continuation of Harry Weber’s series but also show the changes within the Jewish community and its growth over the last sixteen years. They provide an insight into the diversity of Jewish life in Vienna today. Polleross follows religious Jews with their traditional rituals, but his pictures also show nonreligious Jewish life in various ways: sporting events, activities by youth organizations and senior citizens, commerce and advertising, street festivals, the Jewish Welcome Service, music, and also religious festivals and rituals that give vitality to and create a solidarity between religious and secular Jews.

Curator: Astrid Peterle

Graphic Design: Fuhrer, Wien

This exhibition is currently available. Please find all the details and the loan conditions the exhibition folder. The enclosed photos and texts are not intended for reproduction.


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