Artist talk with Andrew M. Mezvinsky about the installation “A Good Day”

Andrew M. Mezvinsky, born 1982 in Philadelphia, is one of the most interesting and versatile young artists who currently work in Vienna. Mezvinsky’s installation for Museum Judenplatz is based on Primo Levi’s considerations on surviving Auschwitz and his definition of a “good day” in the concentration camp.

“A Good Day” is also the title of a chapter in the Italian writer’s autobiographic report “If This Is a Man”. It alludes to the first rays of the spring sun, which gives a little hope of surviving Auschwitz: “… the rising of the sun is commented on every day; today a little earlier than yesterday, today a little warmer than yesterday, in two months, in a month, the cold will call a truce and we will have one enemy less.”

Mezvinsky borrowed Primo Levi’s title and employed interactive, hand-drawn animations and the latest multimedia technologies to create a space at Museum Judenplatz that reflects the basic conditions of human existence in a particular moment. The visitors become part of the installation and assume a role arranged by the artist to find out for themselves what metaphor Levi had in mind with “A Good Day”. The “Rite of Spring” scenery designed and animated by the artist is to be seen as an allegory of the liberation and new living will.

Everyone interested gets an opportunity during VIENNA ART WEEK to enter into a direct conversation with the American artist, find out more about his work and gain an insight into the project he conceived for the Jewish Museum Vienna.

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