Book presentation: Robert Sedlaczek “Die Tante Jolesch und ihre Zeit. Eine Recherche”

![/sites/default/files/old/2183.png:right]("Robert Sedlaczek “Die Tante Jolesch und ihre Zeit. Eine Recherche”" "Robert Sedlaczek “Die Tante Jolesch und ihre Zeit. Eine Recherche”") Did Tante Jolesch, her nephew Franzl and favorite niece Louise really exist? And who was Hugo Sperber? **Robert Sedlaczek** and **Wolfgang Mayr** follow up the characters and their real backgrounds in Torberg’s famous book. Their research starts with the famous attorney Hugo Sperber, who almost defended Bruno Kreisky in the “Socialist trial.” The authors discover surprising links between members of the Jolesch family and famous personalities and also new and interesting facets from the life of Torberg and Kreisky. They also find a possible answer to the question of who Tante Jolesch really was and show how Friedrich Torberg gathered material for his book. And they recount lots of forgotten anecdotes from the world of Tante Jolesch. Robert Sedlaczek worked in the office of Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky from 1980 to 1983. He has written numerous books about language and since 2005 has had a language column in Wiener Zeitung. Free admission from 6.15 pm _Jewish Museum Vienna Dorotheergasse 11 1010 Vienna_