“Ich möchte so lange leben, als ich Ihnen dankbar sein kann.” Alma Mahler – Arnold Schönberg

Der Briefwechsel

Haide Tenner describes a special relationship lasting forty years. The correspondence between Alma Mahler and Arnold Schönberg, which starts by discussing the possibilities for financial and social support, gradually gathers emotional depth and confessional strength – in spite of the problems that occasionally characterized their friendship. The letters speak of high and low points in art and in the correspondents’ private lives; and ultimately of their shared fate and mutual admiration in exile.

Haide Tenner and Danielle Spera will discuss the book together; Dörte Lyssewski and Peter Matic will read extracts from the correspondence; Veronika Dünser and Eva Mark-Mühlher will interpret lieder by Arnold Schönberg and Alma Mahler.


„Ich möchte so lange leben, als ich Ihnen dankbar sein kann“. Alma Mahler – Arnold Schönberg. Der Briefwechsel. Published by Residenz Verlag, ISBN: 9783701732654, 304 pages, €24.90

Free admission