Christoph W. Bauer: Die zweite Fremde

![/sites/default/files/old/2085.jpg:left]("" "")Ten people who had to flee from Innsbruck and Vienna in March 1938, who had their childhood taken away from them and were deprived of the life they had dreamed and planned. To gain a foothold in their host countries England and Israel they had to suppress and even hide their mother tongue, since German was the language of the perpetrators. The foreign country became their new home and their country of birth a second foreign country. Christoph W. Bauer investigates their lives until the present day – ten portraits that tell the story of homeland, alienation, and recollection. In moving pictures they describe farewell and flight, but also life afterwards. With numerous original photos. The author will be talking with Doron Rabinovici. In cooperation with Haymon Verlag. Free admission       Christoph W. Bauer: Die zweite Fremde. Zehn jüdische Lebensbilder; ISBN 978-3-7099-7021-8; 220 pages, 125 x 205 mm; with numerous original photos; approx. €19.90.     _Jewish Museum Vienna Dorotheergasse 11 1010 Vienna_