“Forget the word, forget the country”

Film presentation and discussion with Ari Rath and Miguel Herz-Kestranek
On a reading tour of Israel in 1988 Miguel Herz-Kestranek developed his idea of a literary television feature on Austrian émigrés in Israel entitled “Forget the word, forget the country.”
Without a commentary, this thoughtful, slow-moving but very touching documentary goes from Leopoldstadt to the commemoration at Yad Vashem and an Austrian retirement home on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. It features interviews with émigrés from 1938 whose recollections of Vienna reveal the conflict between longing on the one hand and fear and hate on the other.

The 40-minute film will be followed by a discussion with Ari Rath, journalist and former editor-in-chief and publisher of the Jerusalem Post, and Miguel Herz-Kestranek, vice-president of the Austrian Society for Exile Research on native lands, Austria, Israel and attitudes to emigration and migration today.

An event organized by the Austrian Society for Exile Research in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Vienna.

Free admission