“Georg Kreisler gibt es gar nicht / Kreislers musikalische Stolpersteine”

Presentation of the cross-medial project

On July 18, 2012, the songwriter, cabaret performer, opera composer, theater director, and novelist would have been 90.
In the documentary Georg Kreisler gibt es gar nicht,” author and director Dominik Wessely reviews Kreisler’s extensive song repertoire and his many-sided career and presents both in a historical context – as Kreisler’s songs contain both biographical and historical references. The film could be called “a life in song”: a dozen Kreisler songs from five decades run through the narrative like a thread. Apart from Kreisler’s widow, the actress and singer Barbara Kreisler-Peters, there will also be contributions by Eva Menasse, Daniel Kehlmann, and Konstantin Wecker, who will talk about Georg Kreisler, a fascinating, multifaceted, and multi-talented artist, who during his lifetime was often labeled as “difficult.”
Parallel to the documentary Dominik Wessely also created an Internet project “Kreislers musikalische Stolpersteine,” in which students and graduates from German film schools have created three- to five minute shorts of the greatest diversity based on songs by Kreisler.

Welcome: Werner Hanak-Lettner, Head curator

Free admission from 18:15