Jewish Filmclub at the Jewish Museum Vienna

**La cámara oscura** ![/sites/default/files/old/1926.jpg:left]("" "") Getrudis, daughter of Jewish immigrants, lived in the late nineteenth century in the Argentinian province of Entre Rios. From her childhood onwards, she had heard repeatedly how unattractive and plain she was. She withdrew increasingly and always hid her face on family photos. A rich estate owner, whose beautiful wife had run off with another man, took Gertrudis as his wife. Her monotonous and lonely life, involved mainly with the household and bringing up the children, changes with the arrival of the wandering photographer Jean Baptiste. Argentina, 2008; director: María Victoria Menis; with Mirta Bogdasarian, Fernando Armani, Patrick Dell'Isola, Carlos Defeo; OV (Spanish/Yiddish) with English subtitles; 86 min.     Tickets € 7,50 regular / € 5,- Information & Bookings []( "")     _Jewish Museum Vienna Dorotheergasse 11 1010 Vienna_