Lecture by Lisa Silverman as part of the exhibition "Vienna's Shooting Girls"

![/sites/default/files/old/1920.jpg:left]("Atelier Geiringer and Horovitz (Trude Geiringer / Dora Horovitz) © Fotomuseum WestLicht" "") The exhibition "Vienna's Shooting Girls. Jewish Women Photographers from Vienna" highlights the large number of photo studios run by Jewish women in Vienna before 1938. It looks not only at the reasons for the unusually high proportion of Jewish women from wealthy backgrounds in this profession but also at the high esthetic quality of the work of these unjustly forgotten artists. A selection of works by some thirty Jewish women photographers from Vienna – Dora Kallmus (d’Ora) and Trude Fleischmann but also Edith de Barakovich, Trude Geiringer & Dora Horovitz, Edith Glogau, Pepa Feldscharek, Cécile Machlup and Edith Tudor Hart – shows the outstanding contribution by Jewish women to this art form.           **Lisa Silverman** (University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee) speaks about the education, training and careers of middle-class Jewish women from Vienna around 1900 as a background to this striking phenomenon. _Jewish Museum Vienna Dorotheergasse 11 1010 Vienna_