Movienight: “Familientag im Hause Prellstein”

The film tells the story of the passionate card player Sami Bambus, who fakes his own death in order to get rid of his debts. To take revenge on his wife’s hated cousin, he makes him his sole heir. The avaricious family refuses to accept the will and insists on its share opening up the way for conspiratory meetings, deals, and reckless action. ![/sites/default/files/old/2222.jpg:right]("Familientag im Hause Prellstein" "Familientag im Hause Prellstein") Prellstein uses cunning to try to defend himself against his relatives. When he learns, however, that Sami’s debts are greater than the inheritance, he backs down nobly in favor of the insistent family. The unsuspecting relatives sell the fictional inheritance to two shady moneymakers, which in turn annoys Prellstein. When Sami rises from the dead, the confusion is complete. The plot is based on the highly controversial play of the same name by the Herrnfeld brothers (premiere 1905). Jewish organizations claimed that the cliché-ridden stereotypes depicted mockingly in the play would incite anti-Semitic prejudices. The film will be followed by a discussion with **Alfred Stalzer** and **Armin Loacker** about the film the exaggeration of Jewish features in Jewish humor, and anti-Semitic prejudices. In Cooperation with Filmarchiv Austria . To buy tickets please contact or Tel.: (01) 216 13 00-112. _Jewish Museum Vienna Dorotheergasse 11 1010 Vienna_