Reading Vienna

The Jewish Museum Vienna has invited film makers, journalists, and writers to select and read out texts associated with the exhibition title “Our City!”. The criteria are: What and who is “our city”? And who and what do we recall when we think of the history of “our city”? The results are diverse, ranging from Bruno Kreisky to Heldenplatz.


Helene Maimann
“Die Quadratur Kreiskys: Bruno Kreisky und das Judentum” by Helene Maimann

Christof Habres
“Kennst Du Dich da aus?” by Christof Habres
Read by Wolfgang Klivana

Anja Salomonowitz
“Oma und Bella: Das Kochbuch” by Alexa Karolinski

Tarek Leitner
“Heldenplatz” by Thomas Bernhard

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