Chagall - Images . Dreams . Theater 1908-1920

The Jewish Museum of Vienna, in its exhibition "Chagall -Images . Dreams . Theater 1908-1920" presents some of the most significant paintings of Marc Chagall. The artist's mural paintings for the Jewish State Chamber Theater in Moscow are the focal point of the show. Today, these large paintings, which were completed within thirty days in 1920, represent a near perfect example of Chagall's "Russian Years". The Jewish Museum shows these paintings in their original constellation; now, as it did then, the painting "Introduction to the Jewish Theater" dominates the set. The second part of the exhibition contains a selection of Chagall's work, reflecting on the one hand impressions of his life in the city of his birth, Witebsk, and, on the other, showing some personal details from his private life.

Curator: Werner Hanak