Current exhibitions

Trude und Elvis. Wien – Memphis – Hollywood

From June 1956 to November 1960, Elvis Presley had a secretary by the name of Trude Forsher. She was from Vienna and had narrowly escaped persecution by the Nazi regime in 1938.More

Buy From Jews! Story of a Viennese store culture

The exhibits tell not only about the families but also about the architecture and setting, the designers, the customers, and the sales personnel, tailors, and window dressers.More

Horowitz: fifty years of portrait photos

This exhibition at Museum Judenplatz offers an insight into the portrait photography of Michael Horowitz.More

Intervention VALIE EXPORT

VALIE EXPORT intervenes in the Visible Display and archive of the Jewish Museum Vienna. Using objects and documents from the Museum collections, she functions as a temporary curator, creating an installation in the room that most obviously reflects the act of collecting and remembering.More