Kosher for … Eating and tradition in Judaism

Eating is an important part of every culture – influenced by local conditions, intercultural developments, historical circumstances, religious and secular traditions, and customs. Did Noah have pigs in the Ark? Does every Jewish household have two kitchens? What does matzo contain and how do you get from a medieval butcher to a coffee house? On the basis of eight questions, the exhibition “Kosher for …” looks at the historical, cultural, religious, and social dimensions of the multifaceted term “kosher” in Vienna and the world. Various dishes and recipes serve as a culinary supplement. The objects and stories that they relate are ingredients of a dish – the exhibition itself – for visitors to consume and enjoy, turning the narrative into a cultural and historical cookery book.
“Be’Teavon” (= Hebrew), “Es gezunderheyt” (= Yiddish), “Guten Appetit” (= German)!

Curators: Michal Typolt-Meczes, Hannes Etzlstorfer, Dan Fischman