meeting jedermann : rabinovich revisited

At the Jewish Museum Vienna, the writer Julya Rabinowich enters into a dialogue with the work of her father, the artist Boris Rabinovich. Born in 1938 in Leningrad Boris Rabinovich worked as an architect and industrial designer, became a dissident in the former Soviet Union and finally came to Vienna in 1978, where he focused on the visual arts. In 1988, he traveled back to the not yet renamed Leningrad and died at the age of 50 immediately after his arrival in his former hometown. 

The exhibition ranges from the first to the last series of Boris Rabinovich’s Viennese works. Rabinovich experimented with light and shadow, the hidden, the faceless, the fading ego, which is neither to be found in front of nor behind the mask. The Viennese Jewish novelist Julya Rabinowich puts the works of her father in comparison and confrontation with her own text and graphic work.

The exhibition is a collage of memories and illustration. Some passages of her debut novel, ”Splithead“ were Julya Rabinowichs response to the works of her father, Boris. As he spoke in images she paints with words. During the time of the exhibition readings are held at the Jewish Museum.

Curator: Julya Rabinowich
Design: Bernhard Denkinger

Grafic Design (Advertising media and Catalogue): Fuhrer Wien