THE MEMORY MAP - A Topology of Remembrance

The Jewish Museum Vienna has received a very special gift: the work Memory Map by the artist Nikolaus Gansterer (born 1974), who lives in Vienna and Berlin. 1974). The 2 x 3 meter three-dimensional “city map” was commissioned by The Vienna Project and its director Karen Frostig.

It is also the basis for the Memory Map app by The Vienna Project, available for download here

Gansterer designed the original using cut-out extracts from scanned letters of survivors from Vienna, most of which were in US archives. This donation by The Memory Project and the artist Nikolaus Gansterer will be incorporated in the Jewish Museum Vienna permanent exhibition “Our City! Then to Now”. It links up with the city map at the start of the exhibition on the second floor, which shows the three Jewish communities of Vienna before 1945. Memory Map focuses in particular on the third Jewish community, the third-largest in Europe, which was destroyed between 1938 and 1945.

The artwork was presented on November 3 at Palais Eskeles as part of a podium discussion with Karen Frostig, Nikolaus Gansterer, Danielle Spera, and Werner Hanak-Lettner.