Neuland. Israeli artists of Austrian origin

”Neuland. Israeli artists of Austrian origin” portrays Austrian emigrés and refugees working in the most diverse artistic professions - as visual artists, architects, writers, musicians, actors, directors, dancers etc. - in contemporary Israel. In the context of a project spanning several years, the photographer and film-maker Alisa Douer has researched the biographies and destinies of these people and has interviewed and portrayed them. In this exhibition, she will present the results of her research through photographic portraits and short biographies, introducing each artist by means of an object, either one typical example of his or her Oeuvre (paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, architectural models, ...) ore something rather personal. In all, over 100 persons engaged on the cultural sector will be presented; among them are painters such as Shmuel Katz or Yosl Bergner, musicians such as Menahem Breuer or Edith Kraus, or writers and journalists such as Jeshajahu Ben Porat, Amos Elon, Teddy Kollek, Alice Schwarz-Gardos or Ari Rath. The exhibition has been organized with the help of the Federal Ministries of Science and Foreign Affairs and is sponsored by Mobil Oil Austria. The Exilbibliothek at the Literaturhaus in Vienna has placed numerous documents and loans at our disposal.

Curators: Gabriele Kohlbauer-Fritz, Alisa Douer