Tales of 2 Cities

The Jewish Museum Vienna and “Memorial”, a historical and human rights organization in Moscow have an extensive collection of objects, mostly testimony to the history of repression and marginalization. “Memorial” was founded in Moscow in 1990. Its archive contains testimony to political repression and human rights violations in the Soviet Union. For all their differences, both institutions are central locations for the documentation and visualization of history.

For “Tale of 2 Cities” six artists were confronted with a selection of objects from both collections. They created new works which provide an artistic reflection of the history and stories behind these museum objects and also create new stories.

An exhibition by the Jewish Museum Vienna, the Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow and Memorial Moscow

Olga Jitlina
Zenita Komad and the Unity Operators
Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair
Haim Sokol
Hans Weigand
Alisa Yoffe

Curators: Astrid Peterle, Natalia Petrova, Simon Mraz
Graphics: Fuhrer

© Vera Undritz