Lecture: Martha Keil “Unser Kulturerbe. Judenhass und antijüdische Stereotype seit dem Mittelalter”

Museum Dorotheergasse
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National Socialist propaganda did not have to reinvent anything. All anti-Jewish attributions, images and codes had been stored in the collective memory since the Middle Ages and, at most, had only to be reactivated or re-contextualized. Religious, economic and social prejudices not only found expression in theological treatises that were only accessible to a small group of scholars. Vernacular texts and, above all, pictorial representations in the realm of the church reached all segments of the population. Martha Keil shows in her lecture that antisemitism, in its diverse manifestations, is part of the European cultural heritage shaped by Christianity, and that its seemingly ineradicable potency has evolved out of this long tradition up to today.
Martha Keil, a historian and Jewish Studies scholar, is Senior Scholar at the Institute of Austrian Historical Research at the University of Vienna and heads the Institute for Jewish History in Austria (www.injoest.ac.at).
An event held in the scope of the lecture series “Of Myths, Lies and Rumors. Antisemitism and Political Education,” a cooperation between the Austrian Society for Political Education (ÖGPB), the Jewish Museum Vienna and the Depot – Kunst und Discussion.
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