Book presentation

Book presentation: Danielle Spera, Le Chaim! Mit Danielle Spera durch das jüdische Jahr

Museum Dorotheergasse
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“They wanted to kill us. We won. Let’s eat!” This not-too-seriously meant motto hovers over many Jewish holidays. Most of them commemorate far-reaching events in Jewish history – and are nevertheless celebrated with joy and delight. In addition to strict fasting and prayers, there are exuberant family festivities, dancing and dressing up, gifts and sweets.
In this very personally illustrated journey through the Jewish year, enriched with special holiday experiences of her family and her favorite recipes, Danielle Spera explains why the Jewish New Year is celebrated in autumn, why believers move into a sukkah (a booth or shelter with a roof of branches or leaves) at Sukkoth or why people stomp their feet loudly in the synagogue on a certain holiday.

Danielle Spera, Dr., born in Vienna, studied journalism and political science. 1978–2010 journalist, news presenter and editor’s council member at ORF, “Romy” award winner. Since 2010 director of the Jewish Museum Vienna, 2013–2018 university councilor at the Medical University of Innsbruck, president of ICOM Austria, author of numerous books and articles on contemporary art, Jewish topics and in the magazine NU, of which she is the editor. Most recently published by Amalthea: Helena Rubinstein. Pioneer of Beauty (2017), The Place to Be. Salons – Spaces of Emancipation (2018), Arik Brauer. All of My Arts (2019).

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