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“How does Motta do that?”

Milanese expertise for Café Arabia
08. August 2022 | Sabine Apostolo
Vienna and the World

Rothschild family members visit the Jewish Museum Vienna

On May 19, 2022, descendants of the Viennese branch of the Rothschilds visited the exhibition The Vienna Rothschilds. A Thriller, which runs at the Dorotheergasse Museum until June 5.
20. May 2022 | Jewish Museum Vienna
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About near and far

With some knowledge of history, the fact that “Ukraine” appears seventy-four times in the inventory of the Jewish Museum Vienna may not come as a surprise.
22. April 2022 | Hannah Landsmann
Vienna and the World

“Before I learn another profession, I’d rather learn Hebrew!”

Stella Kadmon in Tel Aviv.
09. August 2021 | Sabine Apostolo
Vienna and the World

Three with a Pen on a Journey

From March 11, the exhibition "Three with a Pen" can be visited in the Austrian Cultural Forum New York. In this blog curator Sabine Bergler talks about the three protagonists and travelling...
02. March 2021 | Sabine Apostolo
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Cycling in Shanghai

Because of the museum´s closure the rickshaw and Victoria Blitz are a little bit bored. Hence they are talking about the exhibition "Little Vienna" once again...
04. February 2021 | Hannah Landsmann
Vienna and the World

Between Vienna and Shanghai

This blog leads Hannah Landsmann to the Shanghai exhibition, where she introduces the Grauaug family...
20. January 2021 | Hannah Landsmann