Tue. 29.11.2022

100 Misunderstandings about and among Jews

The exhibition 100 misunderstandings about and among Jews traces misunderstandings about and among Jews, searches for the backgrounds, questions and parodies them or meets them with a tongue-in-cheek laugh. The exhibition is not about dispelling prejudices against Jews, but about asking about the underlying misconceptions and countering them on different levels – from the historical to the artistic.

Press releases

Alan Schechner, It's the Real Thing – Self-Portrait at Buchenwald, digital edited photography, 1993
© Alan Schechner
Cary Leibowitz and Rhonda Lieberman, Chanel Hanukkah, 1991
© Rhonda Lieberman Cary Leibowitz; Courtesy of Rhonda Lieberman, photo by The Jewish Museum, NY, Sammlung Patricia A. Bell
Benyamin Reich, Judenfreund, photography, Berlin 2018
© Benyamin Reich
Arye Wachsmuth and Sophie Lillie, „Endsieger sind dennoch wir“, light installation, 2021
© Foto: Arye Wachsmuth Aus der Rauminstallation Im Schatten der Verdrängung, Arye Wachsmuth und Sophie Lillie, 2021 im Rahmen der Ausstellung Dispossession im Künstlerhaus, 2021
Cary Leibowitz, Do These Pants Make Look Me Jewish?, 2001
© Cary Leibowitz; Photo Courtesy The Artist New Directions
Debora Kass, Double Ghost Yentl (My Elvis), print on canvas, 1997
© Courtesy the artist and Kavi Gupta; Photograph by John Lusis
Jean Paul Gaultier, Collection Juive, Photography, 1993
© Jean Paul Gaultier
Nasco Circumcision Trainer
© Jüdisches Museum Hohenems Hohenems, Foto: Momentosphere by Tobias de St. Julien
Shmuel Shapiro, Jesus as a rabbi
© Privatsammlung Hohenems, Foto: Momentosphere by Tobias de St. Julien
Pure Holy Land Air, Product of Luftgescheft
© Jüdisches Museum Wien, Foto: Sebastian Gansrigler
Exhibition view 1
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 2
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 3
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 4
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 5
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 6
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 7
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 9
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 9
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 10
© Ouriel Morgensztern
Exhibition view 11
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 12
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 13
© Ouriel Morgensztern

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