Mon. 06.11.2023


At a time when war is being waged again in Israel and Europe, a new exhibition at the Jewish Museum Vienna will focus on peace. Starting with various concepts and definitions of peace, the exhibition will trace the relationship between peace and Judaism, politics, war, feminism, and justice. It will focus on Jewish perspectives and recall the idea of peace as an achievement of civilization, as a contribution to a defective culture of peace. A wide-ranging education program will highlight the complexity of this subject and invite visitors to participate.

Press releases

Lenore Cohen: "Will I Find My Peace? (No)". From the series "Let’s Face It". Mixed Media, 2020.
© Courtesy of the artist
Osama Zatar: "Isaiah #1". From the series "Isaiah 2.4". Wood, metal.
© Courtesy of the artist
"Between War and Peace". Oil on canvas, 1995. mumok - Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, acquired 1999.
© mumok - Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
UN blue helmet for members of the Austrian Armed Forces. Plastic, textile, metal.
© Heeresgeschichtliches Museum / Militärhistorisches Institut
Women’s rights and peace activist Yella Herztka at the 3rd International Women's Meeting in Vienna in 1921. Photograph, photographer unknown. AT-OeStA, AdR, Sonderarchiv Moskau, Zahl 523-1-6, Karton 518.
© Österreichisches Staatsarchiv
Ernst Hacker: "Peace Now". Woodcut. Paper, 1969. Jewish Museum Vienna, inv. no. 4962, donation Paul Linfante.
© Jewish Museum Vienna
Social psychologist and peace researcher Herbert C. Kelman at a demonstration against the Vietnam War in Washington D.C. Undated, photographer unknown.
© Herbert C. Kelman Institute for Interactive Conflict Transformation
Rinaldo Rinaldi: "La Giustizia e la Pace che si abbracciano". Terracotta. 1845. Private collection, Germany.
© Courtesy of Walter Padovani
Exhibition view 1
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 2
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 3
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 4
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 5
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 6
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 7
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 8
© David Bohmann
Exhibition view 9
© David Bohmann

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