Advisory Groups

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has eleven members and meets at least four times a year.

Dr. Dwora Stein, Chairwoman
Dr. Ariel Muzicant, 1. Deputy Chairman
Mag. Christian Kircher, 2. Deputy Chairman
Dr. Kurt Gollowitzer
Mag. Miryam Charim
Mag. Bettina Leidl
Robert Sperling
Dr. Lilly Sucharipa

Members of the work council:
Mag. Andrea Winklbauer
Priv. Doz. Dr. Mag. Marcus G. Patka

Beata Lukasiewicz

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council Council - a scientific committee composed of personalities from the fields of Jewish studies, contemporary history, museology and art history- supports the work of the Museum and serves as a sounding board for future strategies as well as providing recommendations for its conceptual orientation. The Advisory Council consists of six members and meets twice a year. The members take part on a voluntary basis.

Prof. Dr. Alfred Bodenheimer
Head of Jewish Studies - University of Basel

Prof. Judith Frishman
Leiden Institute for Religious Studies, Faculty of Humanities – Leiden University
Specialist für rabbinical studies in the 1. century AD und im 19. & 20. century

Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
Chief curator of the new permanent exhibition in the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw, Poland
Univ.-Professor Performance Studies, New York University
Visiting professor for Hebrew and Judaic studies, New York University

Prof. DDr. Oliver Rathkolb
Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna, Head of the institute
Head of the adivisory council of the House of European History, of the European Parliament/Brussels and of the House of Austrian History

Rabbi Edward Van Voolen
Lecturer Abraham Geiger College, University of Potsdam
Lecturer of adult education of the liberal-Jewish communities of the Netherlands
Rabbi in Arnheim and Göttingen

Prof. Dr. Mechtild Widrich
Professor, Art History, Theory, and Criticism , School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Founding member of the Art and Architecture History Assembly (AAHA)
Co-conception of the Installation of Remembrance/Nancy Spero in the Jewish Museum Vienna, 1996