Donate an Object

Are you considering donating belongings to the Jewish Museum Vienna? Thank you for making the right decision.

The JMW preserves and maintains items for future generations:

  • Judaica (religious objects)

  • Books, publications and brochures

  • Photographs and postcards

  • Correspondence

  • Hand-written notes

  • Biographical materials

  • Museum life testimony

  • etc.

Please note that should you donate objects to the JMW that:

  • the objects obtained become the sole property of the JMW

  • any rights of use also belong to the JMW

  • the JMW is not obliged to display the objects donated or to make them public in any other form than in the museum’s electronic catalog.



Dr. Daniela Schmid
Phone: +43 1 535 04 31 - 1561