The Jewish Museum Vienna supports numerous national and international exhibition projects at museums, cultural institutions, and scientific research institutes with its objects. Together with its collection, it is one of Europe’s most important and extensive Jewish museums.

Loan applications must be sent in writing to the Head Office of the Jewish Museum Vienna:

Jüdisches Museum der Stadt Wien GmbH
c/o Barbara Staudinger
Dorotheergasse 11
1010 Vienna

For preliminary information, please contact the colleagues of the responsible departments:


Dr. Daniela Schmid


Dr. Domagoj Akrap

Art & Graphics

Mag. Andrea Winklbauer


Dr. Gabriele Kohlbauer-Fritz (for inquiries about Judaica objects)

Mag. Sabine Apostolo

Loan Request

The loan request should contain the following information:

  • Borrower: address of the institution, name of the person in charge

  • Contact: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (curator / contact person / registrar)

  • Exhibition title and project description

  • Duration of the exhibition

  • Location: exact address (if necessary, the JMW reserves the right to request a facility report.)

  • List of desired objects: title, artist, material / technique, inventory number

Processing Period

Loan applications must be submitted no later than four months before the start of the exhibition.
Short-term applications are not processed for organizational reasons. The Jewish Museum Vienna prepares its own lending contracts for the purpose of an outgoing loan.


Reasons for Refusing Loan Applications

  • Personal use

  • Conservation reasons

  • Non-compliance with museum standards

Loan Condition Test

Every loan transaction poses a certain risk for the requested object. The conservator of the JMW will therefore check the condition and lending ability of the requested objects before each loan transaction. This test determines if and which conservation and restoration measures are required. Furthermore, it is decided which transport specifications and exhibition conditions are to be observed.



The transport of the loans from the JMW to the borrower and back has to be done at the expense of the borrower. It is a requirement of the JMW that the transport of the loans must be handled by the company hs art service GmbH.


The insurance of the loans is registered by the JMW at the expense of the borrower at UNIQA Kunstversicherung, Untere Donaustraße 21, 1029 Vienna.


Upon request and against reimbursement of expenses, the borrower is provided with suitable, high-resolution image data for reproduction. After licensing, the JMW authorizes the reproduction of the image material in corresponding publications that appear in the scope of the exhibition. The borrower has the personal responsibility to investigate and clarify the rights. It is expressly pointed out that the JMW is to be indemnified and held harmless against any copyright claims of third parties.

General Exhibition Conditions

By signing the loan agreement, the borrower agrees to all conditions of the JMW.
The borrowing of objects from the collections of the Jewish Museum Vienna entails the following costs, which are borne entirely by the borrower:

  • Premium settlement for the commercial insurance of loans for the loan period, as well as transport and return transport of the loans (UNIQA)

  • If necessary, costs for conservatory or restorative measures (any interim transports through the assistance of external restorers are also to be borne by the borrower)

  • Packaging for the transport and return transport of the loans (hs art service GmbH)

  • Transport of the loans (hs art service GmbH)

  • Travel expenses of a JMW courier (travel expenses, accommodation, daily allowance)

  • Costs for the art handling / installation of the loans

  • Loan fee: The JMW charges a loan fee of € 200 per object, which is due after the signing of the loan agreement.

  • Handling fee: Upon conclusion of the loan agreement, the JMW charges a flat-rate handling fee of € 50, which will be charged together with the loan fee.