In love. Engaged. On the road.

Museum Dorotheergasse
© David Bohmann


11. July 2022 | 10:00
12. July 2022 | 10:00
13. July 2022 | 10:00
14. July 2022 | 10:00
15. July 2022 | 10:00
Our main exhibition focuses on love. After first looking around in paradise, we will go all over the museum in search of interesting couples. Very different Jewish personalities from 800 years of Viennese history will form couples who will travel together during the holiday game. Mark Twain also knew that there is no better way to get to know one another than by traveling. You’ll put the pairs together and think of a great travel destination. You’ll design the imaginative souvenirs in our Atelier.
Free entry for children! The program is suitable for children ages 6 to 10.
In cooperation with the wienXtra Ferienspiel.
Advanced booking is absolutely essential! Tel.: +43 1 535 04 31-1537 and -1538 or e-mail:
Limited number of participants. Adults have the opportunity to explore the museum and exhibitions individually during the children’s program.