Our City – for the whole mishpocha*

Museum Dorotheergasse


08. May 2022 | 14:00
15. May 2022 | 14:00
29. May 2022 | 14:00
The program is as diverse, exciting, funny, colorful, surprising, creative and cool as the (young) guests, because they decide what is on offer. You can learn Hebrew, get to know famous Jewish women and men, discover objects for the Jewish holidays, found a kosher restaurant, read Jewish fairy tales and children’s books or have them read to you. Combine all of this with fun games, theater, art, photography and object design: from the Shabbat table to the snow globe and from the lucky charm to your own exhibition!
Material fee per child € 3; adults regular entry
Advanced booking is essential: Tel.: +43 1 535 04 31-1537 and -1538 or e-mail: tours@jmw.at
Adults have the opportunity to explore the museum and exhibitions individually during the children’s program.
The guided tour will be held in compliance with the Covid-19 regulations at this point.
*Yiddish: family, from Hebrew mishpāḥāh “family, clan”