Our city – for the whole mishpocha*: LUCK BRINGERS

Museum Dorotheergasse
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02. January 2022 | 14:00
30. January 2022 | 14:00
You can always use a good portion of luck, mazal or massl! On this Sunday, visitors to the Jewish Museum Vienna will experience how they can help luck along a little bit. Mezuzot, amulets, a wedding ring and a (not yet) broken glass tell stories of luck and happiness from Vienna and the world and will inspire you to design your own good luck charms.

Material fee per child € 3; adults regular entry
Advanced booking is essential: Tel.: +43 1 535 04 31-1537 and -1538 or e-mail: tours@jmw.at
Adults have the opportunity to explore the museum and exhibitions individually during the children’s program.

The guided tour will be held in compliance with the Covid-19 regulations at this point.

*Yiddish: family, from Hebrew mishpāḥāh “family, clan”