US Friends

The Jewish Museum Vienna needs the support of friends.
The Museum is funded by the City of Vienna, which provides a core subsidy for the operating budget and temporary exhibitions. For the realization of large projects and exhibitions or for acquisitions to the Museum’s collection the support of sponsors, supporters, and friends is an urgent need.

Over the last twenty years, exhibitions on various topics, such as the Jewish impact on music in Austria, the development of the Austrian artistic and intellectual landscape, Marc Chagall or Max Liebermann, have attracted thousands of visitors. Overall, however, the Museum’s budget is very limited. We therefore hope that the Jewish Museum and its visitors, which also include a large number of Austrian schoolchildren who want to learn about the Jewish past and present and about the Shoah, will be able to benefit from the Association of American Friends.

Joining is easy!

Please contact:

Eric Huebscher, President/Treasurer

Phone: +43 1 535 04 31

Friends of the Jewish Museum of Vienna is a non-profit organization according to §501(c) (3) IRS rules. All donations are fully tax deductible within the limits established by law.